The present situation in quantum theory

PierGianLuca Porta Mana

I'm just a guy who's a natural philosopher for fun.

(On the right: a picture of the present situation in quantum theory)

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Personal page (an exercise in self-indulgence)

Current research: I am interested in fundamental physics - see image at the bottom. In other words I'm interested in statistical general-relativistic continuum electromagneto-thermo-mechanics, in all its physical, probabilistic, logical, mathematical, computational, philosophical, historical aspects. For example:

CVRRICVLVMVITAE and publication & seminar list.
The works I authored and co-authored can be found for free in the Open Science Framework and on arXiv. Why?:

You pay to read research you fund. That's ludicrous. Should all research papers be free?

Some works difficult to retrieve online are available here:

Other notes, reports, and drafts are available upon request.

On `fundamental' physics: (click on the image for double size)

Fundamental physics according to
Reprinted and rearranged from pp. 24-25 of Truesdell's An Idiot's Fugitive Essays on Science (Springer 1984).

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