brechen und zerbrechen und blitzen und scheiden und zerschneiden

Vi racconterò una storia: Many tears ago, there was...

Luca Porta

Mi umilio

Here I grow, side by side with this deadly nightshade. When is it time for laughs? 'Tis hard to tell. D'autre part, the story is not unknown of that god which could not weep, and therefore put sorrow and pain og meningslöshet into our lives - in order to steal our tears, pretending to be trading heavens for them. Nimphs say you should not fight in an ogrish way, when you fight with ogres; Friedrich Nietzsche, too, says this (Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn, daß er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird). With, or against?

Als Rädergetriebe, I study PHILOSOPHIAM NATVRALIS by correspondence. (There are many things you can do by correspondence. All are brand-new, fast & easy. Better no pubblimendacità in this page.)

ATQVE I go searching non piú for the `VNA LEX' in order to transpose it unto music. Itsumo fura-fura kyoro-kyoro. Ainulindalë est ciònondimeno possible.

Aber das heißt Oï. Kaj If I were a rule I would bend (Pink Floyd). Eller, modificando Salvor Hardin:

Never let the law prevent you from doing what is right.

Als Spiel, I go adventuring amongst muzyka, LITTERAE, art, arti marziali, langues (always trying to satisfy my lámatyávë); I am a Latin lover; jeg elsker også Veneres med Æblet. And I know many a Sprachspiel. Oh, dimenticavo!: Ochen' prijatno.

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Some kind of solitude is measured out in you. You think you know it but you haven't got a clue (The Beatles). Indeed, (Salvatore Quasimodo):

Ognuno sta solo sul cuor della terra
trafitto da un raggio di sole:
ed è subito sera.

Nell'istesso tempo, Was du thust, das kann dir Keiner wieder thun. Siehe, es giebt keine Vergeltung (Zarathustra). Jala, but not a single phala. Hence, Lúca Mána ili Lúca úMána, that is the question. And come dice il libro II del Baolian,

Se i tempi non chiedono la tua parte migliore
Inventa altri tempi.

Mal man we enyaluva tenna hilyala tindómë?

This intermezzo is consecrated to Estë and dedicated to nonna Tilde, nonno Nino, and nonni Lewis and Brita


Óretya sí hiratyë mi lórë
ya tyenna
Estello hlapunë. Tyello i estel
ve elen
ëarenna tiennalmar siluva lindelëa!
Ar nin: nai
er essenya úv' at' Eressë!

À la recherche. De quoi?ERENDO INVENIES. Preferably with a rhythm of 7/8, 9/8, or 11/8: ヘンでなけりゃ たのしくない   すましていたんじゃ 当り前すぎる (Akira Itou). Perhaps searching for it... Frodo Baggins can give you a clue:

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with weary feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

Oppure Bilbo Baggins?:

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

Var cé sácëan helyanwenya.

This intermezzo is dedicated to Lúthien and Beren


I helyanwë umë eressëa,
i helyanwë ná atta:
i helyanwet.

helyanwet in New Zealand Helyanwet ortar i estel
írë anar mára tellessë
nu hostala lumbor, ar
i sinta tië técina ná mistenen,
mi nórë sina yassë ulya ar atulya.

Helyanwet hortar olori
lúmenna vaháy' alassëo,
terë vanwë meldissi,
ar ilyë andë úlirnë nyéri pella,
mi órë sina yassë ulya ar atulya.

I helyanwë ná atta:
i helyanwet.
Nai elwë nauvar ve helyanwë!

And Zarathustra can then remind you & me tozhe that Krumm kommen alle guten Dinge ihrem Ziele nahe. Gleich Katzen machen sie Buckel, sie schnurren innewendig vor ihrem nahen Glücke, - alle guten Dinge lachen.


Many people are searching (for an example, listen to Galadriel's lament in Lórien; in fact "jeg måtte ikke blive der", although sometimes "I was there". Now I live amongst dinosauri. And Människor är varken lika intelligenta eller lika begåvade. Al-qamaru, ash-shamsu; kiun vi preferas?). Cosmopolita? No: apolide. Just looking for the right direction est déjà très difficile. It is even DIFFICILIUS if people keep on using music: indeed very few people are aware that, as Edoardo Sanguineti says,

                (noi) dobbiamo morire

C'est à dire, aurelwar umë únótimë. Mais j'ai rencontré un leprechaun.

This intermezzo is consecrated to Eru

Expected number of life days (for a European male)

One small rectangle = one day. (Also as a pdf file.)

Expected number of life days (for a European

Aber chi è senza mani scagli la prima pietra (dal vademecum dell'imbecille).

Gam ("Fai buon viaggio"). *Ma elyë ëa, tinúvielinya? *massë elyë nurtëa? E, vielleicht, ne: Non vi dico quanto era bello il re. Non vi dico quanto era bello il figlio del re. Non vi dico quanto era bello il castello del re. Non vi dico quanto era bello il castello del figlio del re. E non vi dico come rimase colpito il figlio del re da quant'era bello il re. Il principe era circondato da re (fra the favola di Venceslao).

Uno, dva, tri...

Så, as a full-time goal, I try to ji by inflecting this:


The Preceding looks very much like the Following.


As opposed to The Lord is my shepherd - I shall not want (Pink Floyd).

Ne kredu, att NI er the only GRAVIS nara på verden. I faccio parte di pjat' grandaj groupes, too: the esoteric MAGNA SPES MERETRIX (whose manifesto is La Favola di Brandobras il Brandobardo), DVRA LEX NON LEX, TERTIVM NON DATVR, et the Society for Natural Philosophy (e anche tendokai goju ryu karate, Lam family hung kuen, UW Parkour, e iwama takemusu aikido.)

One, deux, trois...

Ichi, ni, san?

This intermezzo is dedicated to Prokof'ev, who accidentally wrote the Secret of life

The Secret of life, accidentally written by Prokof'ev

Ili ancora: Allein Clarisse rieb sich sehr energisch die Nase. "Ich finde das doch sehr wichtig," sagte sie "daß in uns allen etwas Unmögliches ist. Es erklärt so vieles. Ich habe, wie ich zuhörte, den Eindruck gehabt, wenn man uns aufschneiden könnte, so würde unser ganzes Leben vielleicht wie ein Ring aussehen, bloß so rund um etwas." Sie hatte schon vorher ihren Ehering abgezogen und guckte nun durch seine Öffnung gegen die belichtete Wand. "Ich meine, in seiner Mitte ist doch nichts, und doch sieht er genau so aus, als ob es ihm nur darauf ankäme." (Robert Musil)

A question: QVID do the images, texts, and music share? ヘンとヘンを集めて もっとヘンにしましょう (Akira Itou).

But, a posteriori, tout le monde suddenly förstår it. Understanding it a priori would require too great an effort. To-day there ain't no time for such things.


Mmm... Silent Sorrow amongst the lines. Whither Zarathustras olde advice gede: Nicht durch Zorn, sondern durch Lachen tödtet man?

(Peter Gabriel:)

Still alone in o-hell-o
- see the deadly nightshade grow

PierGianLuca Porta Mana


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This intermezzo is dedicated to C. A. Truesdell III

Clifford Ambrose Truesdell, IIITruesdell's scientific life was guided by strong principles. Ericksen describes these principles as follows:

  1. In whatever one tries to do, one should strive to attain excellence. This requires that one set high goals and work hard to achieve them. In any worthwhile endeavor, excellence should be recognized and rewarded, so do what you can to promote this.

  2. It is very important to be guided by your own judgement. Strongly held views can be unpopular, but one should not be deterred by this.

  3. One should assume some responsibility for helping to separate wheat from chaff, which can smother the wheat.

  4. Hone your skills in communicating with others. Even in discussing technical matters with persons having quite different backgrounds, it should be possible to make intelligible the basic ideas and results.

  5. Be generous and patient with persons of lesser ability who do their best to become excellent. Sloths who don't try deserve to be scorned.

From: J. M. Ball and R. D. James:
The scientific life and influence of Clifford Ambrose Truesdell III,
Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 161(1), 1-26 (2002)

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